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Whether your company specializes in digital, sheetfed, web, large format or screen printing services, Print-Quotes Software will empower your most basic or sophisticated print buyers and employees with time and money saving features.

User Access

When visiting your Print-Quotes powered web site, users are asked to register for an account or authenticate themselves as an approved user by entering their email address and password. Only approved users have any access beyond your company’s public accessible web pages. Once registered and logged in, users are greeted with personal login messages and securely authenticated as either a customer, employee or administrator before loading user type features and account specific pricing information.

From the login confirmation page or web site menus, users are able to select between three different modes in which to create a project before adding it to a quote or order, check products out from their own inventory for fulfillment purposes and view project history details complete with project specifications and production status.

Product Store and My Products

The Product Store mode allows users to select from an online product catalogue that displays commodity style products. The My Products mode allows users to select their own customer specific products from their own customer specific “My Products” web page.

Products can be easily created and configured in three different ways:

  • Fixed Price / Fixed Quantity Product Pricing
  • Fixed Price / Variable Quantity Product Pricing
  • Dynamic Product Pricing

All products are configured with pre-defined project specifications, custom images, project ids, descriptions and stock choices. The predefined project specifications are used to calculate prepress, press, post production and fulfillment services during the fully automated instantaneous online estimation process. However, the difference between dynamic products and fixed price products is that fixed price products automatically calculate a discount line item so that a fixed priced product can be sold at a set price.

Web-to-Print and Variable Data Templates

Either Fixed Price or Dynamic Products can be easily associated with a "Web-To-Print" template allowing the customer to typeset, design and proof online.

Print-Quotes Software offers "On Demand Printing” capabilities with associated web-to-print templates. Upon selecting a Fixed Price Product or Dynamic Product, users may select to utilize a pre-designed web-to-print template that will allow online typesetting, design, proofing and direct to press file submission.

Users may also utilize Web-To-Print templates in conjunction with common spreadsheet formatted files for variable data output of mailing lists or other variable information including text, images, promotional codes and more. Print-Quotes variable data on demand printing files include support for PPML, PPML/VDX, Optimized Postscript and PDF file formats.

Custom Project Specifications

The Custom Project mode allows users to input their own custom project specifications.

The default interface allows users to select a project template and input dimensions, colours, coatings, bleed and stock information.

More experienced users may choose to click on the “+” icons located throughout the default interface. These provide the more experienced users with additional options during production such as the ability to override: equipment, run styles, sheet sizes, signature groups, plate quantities, colour bars, grain direction and proofing options as well as waste and setup overs.


During the Dynamic Product or Custom Project modes only, users may request estimates with up to three quantities and select from available printing services and project types, input supplied design format or request graphic design services. Users may also choose from additional services such as: prepress, finishing and packaging, variable data and postage, inventory as well as shipping services for proofs, samples or specific project quantities to multiple locations.

Print-Quotes fully automated estimation process considers all possible equipment options, run styles, stock sizes, impositions and materials as well as customer specific or quantity based discounts before calculating the best price for the project.


Prior to completion of the quote or order process, users may select to check products into their own account inventory for future fulfillment purposes. From the account inventory menu, users also have the ability to check-out finished products from inventory and add specific shipping or mailing service information as well as the ability to view all previous check-outs and present inventory quantities.

Quotes and Orders

Print-Quotes stores all estimated projects, quotes and orders in history for employee or customer use during repeat visits. Resellers can even mark quotes up and send a copy to their own customer while protecting the identity of the company who will actually be printing the project. Print-Quotes automatically emails all quotes and orders to the appropriate customer, sales rep and the web site owner.

Prior to the completion of the order process, account credit and balance is automatically checked before displaying payment options. Payment options can be configured on a account basis and may include production down payment percentages, online payments or on approved credit terms.

File Uploads and Online Proofing

Upon order completion, users can upload custom design files and approve final PDF proofs for production online. Upon approval of custom design file proofs or web-to-print template proofs, Print-Quotes can automatically impose the approved designs into a high resolution press ready file as per the stock size and imposition selected during the fully automated estimation process.

Production Dockets and Online Status

To compliment the estimation process even further, Print-Quotes creates a dynamic production docket for each project estimated. Detailed production information, including services, stock, production materials, equipment specifications and shipping locations can be viewed, printed or sent as e-mail attachments. Production employees can also input production feedback information such as completion times and notes so that sales reps, service reps and even customers can easily view online production status on a per service basis.

Configuration and Management

Management and configuration of your Print-Quotes powered web site is preformed through the administrative section of your web site. This section is restricted to employees and administrators only via a hidden URL and a secure login process.

Key Management features include:

  • System setup and configuration for products, templates, production equipment, services, materials and pricing
  • Management of customer and supplier accounts, user profiles, help desk and product return information
  • Project file or PDF proof upload, on-line or traditional proofing and client asset management
  • Production scheduling and status control as well automated RFQ creation for outsourced production services
  • General accounting for credit application approval, invoicing, payment options and terms as well as customer payable and receivables export
  • Marketing category creation, customer web site customization or banner advertising as well as e-mail broadcasting and communication
  • Reports for web site statistics, orders, quotes, projects or custom information as well as an audit log that documents user modifications of price sensitive information


Print-Quotes can operate as a stand alone system or it can be integrated with just about any accounting software available. By default, Print-Quotes provides the ability to export customer receivables and payables in a QuickBooks Accounting Software format making it easy to keep customer invoices and payment information up to date in both your web site and accounting software.

In addition to exporting customer invoices and payments, Print-Quotes also exports production service and material information. Now your accounting software can be used to track employee/service production time via an automated service timer or weekly time sheet as well as provide complete inventory control of over stock. Production data imported and collected in your accounting software can easily be used for payroll, purchase order creation, detailed reporting and other general accounting procedures.

Click here to view a Software Process Diagram.