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Print-Quotes Software is a new browser based print management information system that will transform your own company web site into an easy to use, highly functional online print management and procurement center that empowers your most basic or sophisticated print buyers and employees with time and money saving features.

Print-Quotes Software powered web sites are completely customized with your own corporate identity, colours and content. Whether your company specializes in digital, sheetfed, web, large format or screen printing services, Print-Quotes Software is easily configured to deliver instantaneous quotes and orders as well as production and management information for any type of prepress, printing, bindery, finishing, packaging, mailing or fulfillment service that your company or network of suppliers may offer.

Anytime… Anywhere… Print-Quotes provides a unique advantage with its ability to allow users to select from dynamic or fixed priced products, utilize web-to-print templates or input custom project specifications and generate instantaneous online quotes or orders. Unlike any other software available, Print-Quotes fully automated estimation process considers all possible equipment options, run styles, stock sizes, impositions and materials as well as customer specific or quantity based discounts before calculating the best price.

In addition to what customers see on your main web site, Print-Quotes administrative web site provides advanced features for system configuration, customer relations management, production, marketing, accounting and reporting.

Exempt from multi-user licensing fees typically associated with other software packages, Print-Quotes Software operates from either a Unix, Linux or MAC OS 10 server by running the Apache web server and a Postgres SQL database. It is accessible 24/7 via the Internet or your own internal network from any computer equipped with an Internet browser. Print-Quotes Software can operate as a stand-alone solution or it can be customized to integrate with almost any accounting or enterprise software.

In summary, Print-Quotes is revolutionizing the printing industry with its robust design and unique ability to save everyone time and money!

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